The Mains Reasons an Oven Will not Heat

If you want to cook a meal and your oven will not heat do not panic. Pasadena Appliance Repair gives you useful information how to diagnose the cause and how to fix it hopefully. Our guide will explain you how ovens operate, the main reasons that cause the oven not to heat and different solutions […]

How to Fix the Gas Burner on a Gas Range

A stove is an enclosed heated space in which fuel is burned to provide heating. Having a broken range is an unpleasant experience. Before calling a professional to repair burners on your stove that don’t light, try to solve the problem yourself as it is very quick and easy. Pasadena Appliance Repair created guide which […]

The Types Of Ice Machines

Ice maker is an appliance which is used for making ice, especially ice cubes. This appliance can be used for different purposes and in deferent places for ex at home or at your business. As there is a great variety of ice makers which differ in their styles and configurations, before buying an ice maker you should understand the […]

Refrigerator VS Freezer

Both refrigerator and freezer are important kitchen appliances which have evaporator coils and compressors. But what is the difference between them? A refrigerator is a popular kitchen appliance which uses electricity for preserving food at a cold temperature. The first refrigeration machine was designed in 1805 by American inventor Oliver Evans. A refrigerator keeps food […]

Main Reasons A Washer Will Not Start

Washing machine is a great addition to any home. Nowadays people’s lives have become so busy that they have no time for washing clothes by hand. That is why washer is a necessity in daily life. It saves our time, as you can simply load your clothes in the washer, start the cycle and walk […]

Difference Between Microwave And Oven

Both microwave and oven are great addition to any kitchen appliance. They make people’s life easy and comfortable as by the help of these crucial inventions we can cook or heat the necessary meals and food. But these common used appliances are not the same. Here is presented the difference between microwave and oven. An […]

Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator is one of the most popular and common used household appliances in the world.  This appliance is used for storing food and drink at the proper temperature.  Nowadays there is a great variety of refrigerators; they can differ in types, options, prices and etc.  That is why buying a refrigerator is not an easy […]