Refrigerator Buying Guide

Refrigerator is one of the most popular and common used household appliances in the world.  This appliance is used for storing food and drink at the proper temperature.  Nowadays there is a great variety of refrigerators; they can differ in types, options, prices and etc.  That is why buying a refrigerator is not an easy thing. Our refrigerator buying guide will help you to choose the right one for your apartment.

  • Take into consideration a style.

Refrigerators can be – Top Freezer, Bottom Freezer, French door, Side-by-Side, Compact and Built- In.Refrigerator buying guide

  1. Top Freezer: A traditional style which has a large space for a lot of storage. This type uses less energy and average capacity is 20 cubic feet.
  2. Bottom Freezer: As the freezer is in the bottom, the refrigerator portion occupies more easily accessible space. The average capacity of this style is 30 cubic feet.
  3. French door: This type of fridges provides plenty of room for keeping all your favorite food, drinks, meals and etc. It has two side- by- side doors on top, and the freezer below. Claimed capacities go up to 30 cubic feet.
  4. Side- by – Side: Average capacity is 25 cubic feet. This type is neither space nor energy efficient.
  5. Compact or Mini: This type is perfect for keeping beverages and sodas both at your home and at your office.
  6. Built-In: The average capacity is 25 cubic feet and this type of fridges is usually wide.

Other important things you should consider are:Refrigerator buying guide

  • The Size
  • The energy efficiency
  • The price
  • The function
  • The color

We will help you not only to find a proper refrigerator for your home but also will solve every problem with that appliance.

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