Refrigerator VS Freezer

Both refrigerator and freezer are important kitchen appliances which have evaporator coils and compressors. But what is the difference between them?

A refrigerator is a popular kitchen appliance which uses electricity for Refrigerator VS Freezerpreserving food at a cold temperature. The first refrigeration machine was designed in 1805 by American inventor Oliver Evans.

A refrigerator keeps food fresh and retains nutritional value of the food. It usually consists of two parts – refrigerator and freezer.

A freezer is a household appliance which is used for storing food at temperatures below 0 Celsius. It was invented in 1876 by German engineer Carl von Linden.

Most foods will maintain good quality longer if you keep them in the freezer. Also freezing is best way for protecting food from bacteria.

As we see the difference between these two appliances is the following: a fridge keeps food cold but not frozen while a freezer keeps things frozen.  

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